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For the most part, if you encounter a problem on your system that results in a crashdump, Teradata Vital Infrastructure will notify Teradata if you have TVI installed on your system. Otherwise, you should contact your customer support personnel.

  • Raw PDE crashdumps are saved to /var/opt/teradata/tddump.
  • Teradata recommends that the TDTEMP and TDDUMP partitions be identified as /var/opt/teradata/tdtemp and /var/opt/teradata/tddump, respectively. You can use the dmpconfig utility to view or change the default locations. For more information on this utility, type dmpconfig -h.

  • Crashdumps in table format are located at DBC.Crashdumps.Crash_YYMMDD_HHMMSS_NN.
  • Note: When you first install Teradata Database on your Linux system, you must partition the disk and save a slice for dumps. See Teradata Tools and Utilities for SUSE Linux Installation Guide for more information.