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Disabling Redrive Protection


To disable Redrive protection...


at the system level

1 Disable logons from the Supervisor window of Database Window (DBW) or similar console subsystem interface, such as cnsterm.

2 Ensure that no sessions are logged on.

3 Set the RedriveProtection DBS Control field to 0.

for all sessions by default

1 Ensure that the RedriveProtection DBS Control field is set to 1.

2 Set the RedriveDefaultParticipation DBS Control field to 0.

at the session level

Set the Redrive field in the Session Options parcel to 'N'.

at the user, account, or profile level

Insert or modify a row in the TDWM.Redrive table and set the value of the RedriveMethod column to 1 for the user, account, or profile. For details, see “Setting Redrive Protection for Users, Accounts, and Profiles” on page 242.