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To ensure data integrity, Teradata recommends that only administrators and high-level users have the privilege to access data tables. All other database activity should be done in views.

Teradata recommends that you create top-level databases to separate tables and views. You can create additional lower-level databases within the top level databases as required by site security policy and user access needs.





  • Owns perm space.
  • Contains all tables and data.
  • Normally accessible only to privileged administrative and batch users for:
  • Creating and modifying database objects
  • Performing data loads and updates
  • Views_Database(s)

  • Requires minimal perm space because it does not contain data.
  • Contains views of the tables in the Tables_Database.
  • Exists primarily to provide SELECT access to the data for all users.
  • Note: Where security policy requires it, you can designate a layer of views for load and update operations so that even batch users do not need to directly access data tables.