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Restarts and Aborts on BTEQ Jobs with Identity Column

If a restart occurs during a BTEQ import, BTEQ will resubmit the last uncompleted row insert after the system recovers from the restart. Identity column numbering will continue from there. It is possible, however, for a restart to cause duplicates because BTEQ may do a reinsert even if the previous insert has completed. Duplicates will not be detected if the target table is MULTISET and not defined with a UPI.

If a session abort occurs during a mainframe-attached BTEQ import, the last uncompleted row insert will not be resubmitted and associated data may be lost. Associated data may also be lost if a workstation-attached BTEQ import session is aborted and there is no other session through which to resubmit the insert.

In both cases, manually restarting the import can result in duplicate rows if rows newly inserted before the session abort are not deleted unless the target table is defined with a UPI.