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Reconfiguring the Database

When you add nodes, AMPs, or disks to the Teradata Database configuration, it is good practice to always first backup all data. Some types of expansion, such as adding a disk array, require row redistribution, so if the system contains very large tables, it may be faster to archive and restore.

You can use the Reconfiguration Estimator utility to obtain an estimate of elapsed time needed for reconfiguration, based on the number and size of the data tables on your current system.

The Reconfiguration Estimator prompts you for information about the planned upgrade and provides estimates for the following phases:

  • Redistribution
  • Deletion
  • Rebuilding SIs
  • If you have questions about possible procedures or the reported time estimates, contact Teradata Customer Support. For an overview of the utilities, issues, and procedures involved in a TPA reconfiguration, see Support Utilities.