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Teradata Database requires you to associate a username with a password when you first create a user. You must specify a password, even if temporary. Otherwise the Parser rejects the statement as incomplete.

The security administrator can prompt users for a new password upon first login if:

  • At the time of installing a new system, the administrator has created generic passwords for all users and wants them to choose their own passwords.
  • New password requirements must be enforced. For example, if the security administrator wants to require mixed case and wants all users to change their passwords.
  • If you are using Teradata Administrator, simply check the “Temporary” box next to the password. This adds the 'FOR USER' phrase to the generated command.

    Note: Teradata password rules do not apply to external authentication. For more information, see Security Administration.

    To use SQL, see “Passwords” under “CREATE USER” in SQL Data Definition Language.