Deployer 3.02.01 - Teradata Vantage Features - Teradata Vantage on VMware

Teradata Vantage™ on VMware Developer Tier Getting Started Guide

Teradata Vantage on VMware
Deployer 3.02.01
February 2020

Teradata Vantage on VMware offers many Vantage features including, but not limited to, those listed in this topic. Not all features listed below are included in all Vantage tiers. See Teradata Vantage License Tiers. Although the package is included in the Teradata Database VM, you still need to install and configure it.

The following terms are used in the table below:
  • Automatic indicates you do not have to install or configure the feature and can begin using the feature after a VM is launched.
  • Manual indicates you must install and configure the feature using the Vantage documentation, similar to on-premises systems. Features that require Teradata Customer Support to enable are noted.

The following table does not include Vantage features that are enabled by default and are automatically installed and configured, such as Fallback. See Fallback. Fallback is mandatory for all Vantage license tiers and should not be disabled, as it can potentially result in data loss.

For information on how to install and configure the listed features, see the Documentation column.
Database Feature Description Enabled by Default Installation and Configuration Documentation
Block-Level Compression Stores data blocks in compressed format to save storage space and improve performance. Enabled by default for private cloud. Automatic Teradata® Database Release Summary for Teradata Database 14.0

Teradata Database Administration, B035-1093

Teradata Columnar™ Provides the ability to partition a table or join index by column. No Automatic

Must be configured.

  • Teradata® Database Release Summary for 14.0
  • SQL Data Definition Language Syntax and Examples, B035-1144
Teradata Intelligent Memory Speeds query performance and maximizes system memory by ensuring the most frequently used data is kept in memory. No Automatic, if enabled. (Base, Advanced, and Enterprise tiers only.)
  • Teradata® Database Release Summary for 14.10
  • Teradata Vantage™ - Database Utilities, B035-1102
  • Teradata® Intelligent Memory Orange Book available from
Teradata Row-Level Security If purchased, allows you to restrict data access by row in the Teradata Database. No Automatic
  • Teradata® Database Release Summary for 14.10
  • Teradata® Database Security Administration
Teradata Secure Zones Provides grouping of user and database hierarchies into separate database partitions with restriction of user access to one or more zones.

See Teradata® Database Release Summary for Teradata Database 15.10.

No Automatic
  • Teradata® Database Release Summary for 15.10
  • Teradata Vantage™ - Advanced SQL Engine Security Administration, B035-1100
Teradata Temporal Provides built-in capabilities that are required in a temporal database management system. No
  • Enable at the time you deploy.
  • Teradata Vantage™ ANSI Temporal Table Support , B035-1186
  • Teradata Vantage™ Temporal Table Support , B035-1182