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Basic Teradata Query
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May 2017
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For data returned using Field Mode (keyword REPORT), BTEQ passes each line of the report on to the export file as a record with the following format:

  • The record begins with either a heading line or text-formatted fields that contain the column values of the returned row. In either case, the information is in the bit-format appropriate for the workstation and operating system (for example, in ASCII for an ASCII workstation).
  • The record ends with an end-of-record (line) indicator, appropriate for the workstation and operating system. For example, for a UNIX system, the indicator is a new line. For Windows, the indicator is a carriage return/line feed pair. In all cases, the end-of-record character, or characters, are in the bit-format appropriate for the workstation. For example, in ASCII for an ASCII workstation.
    To edit the exported records on a PC and import them back to the database, be sure to use a PC editor that recognizes both the carriage return and line feed characters as an end-of-record marker.

When staging an export operation, the RECORDMODE command does not need to be used to indicate Record Mode is to be used. The need for using Record Mode is determined by the data format specified as part of the EXPORT command. (Use the SHOW CONTROLS command to see the current response mode.)