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Basic Teradata Query
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May 2017
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The following commands control the structure of reports generated to present data rows returned by the database in tabular form. To create such aligned reports, BTEQ utilizes field mode responses so that the database will return column values in character data type representation and include each column's title and size. Creating tabular formatted reports is BTEQ's default presentation mode.

BTEQ Command Function
DEFAULTS Restores initial default settings for commands used to control :
  • report mode output format
  • response data format
  • import process message verbosity
  • SQL request retries
EXPORTEJECT Toggles suppression of the additional Page Advance ASA Carriage Control Character at the top of a REPORT format export file when using z/OS BTEQ.
FOLDLINE Splits each line of a report into two or more lines after the specified columns.
FOOTING Specifies the footer text string that appears at the bottom of each page of a report.
FORMAT Enables all page-oriented formatting commands, or disables them and centers the tabular report created for the returned rows, using the value of the WIDTH command option to determine the space available.
FORMCHAR Specifies which escape sequence is to be used for format control of printed reports.
FULLYEAR Enables a four-digit year format in header, footer, and title lines.
HEADING Specifies a header that appears at the top of each page of a report.
NULL Specifies a character or a character string to represent a null field value for Field Mode reports.
OMIT Excludes specified columns from Field Mode reports for data-returning SQL statements.
PAGEBREAK Enables page ejection whenever the value for one or more specified columns changes.
PAGELENGTH Specifies the maximum number of lines on a report page.
REPORTALIGN Determines the spacing used for Unicode® report mode output.
RTITLE Specifies a title which automatically includes the date and page number that appears at the top of each page of a report.
SEPARATOR Specifies the width and contents of the string to be placed between the columns in a report.
SIDETITLES Positions titles of summary lines on the left side of the data returned by a SELECT statement that included one or more WITH clauses.
SKIPDOUBLE Inserts two blank lines in a report whenever the value of a specified column changes.
SKIPLINE Inserts one blank line in a report whenever the value of a specified column changes.
SUPPRESS Replaces all consecutively repeated values in reports with space characters.
TITLEDASHES Enables or inhibits a line of dash characters immediately before a report summary line generated by a WITH clause.
TRANSLATECTRLSTOSPACES Enables users to specify whether BTEQ should translate the control-range characters for Field Mode columnar report's data rows (non-title) bound for stdout or an EXPORT REPORT file.
TRIMTRAILINGSPACES Enables or inhibits trimming of trailing spaces from field-mode response lines.
UNDERLINE Inserts a dashed line across the width of a report whenever the value of one or more specified columns changes.
WIDTH Specifies the maximum number of characters for each line in a report.