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Basic Teradata Query Reference

Basic Teradata Query
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May 2017
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

The following commands control the sequence of execution for all instructions supplied from BTEQ commands, SQL requests and external commands' execution. In particular, the commands cover enabling branching on errors within scripts as well as designating retry strategies to be employed for DBS failure responses.

BTEQ Command Function
= ( EQUAL ) Repeats the previous Teradata SQL request a specified number of times
ERRORLEVEL Assigns severity levels to database errors
EXIT or QUIT Logs off all Teradata Database sessions and then exits BTEQ.
EXITONDELAY Establishes the maximum time duration within which to allow a submitted SQL request to be processed before CLI will time out the request. Workstation platforms only.
GOTO Skips over all intervening BTEQ commands and SQL statements until a specified label is encountered, then resumes processing in sequence.
HANG Causes BTEQ to pause for a specified period of time.
IF Tests the validity of the condition stated in the IF clause.
LABEL Identifies the point at which BTEQ resumes processing, as specified in a previous GOTO command.
MAXERROR Designates a maximum error severity level beyond which BTEQ terminates job processing.
OS Submits an operating system command to a workstation-attached system.
REPEAT Submits the next Teradata SQL request a specified number of times.
REPEATSTOP Indicates whether a REPEAT operation should terminate if an error occurs for a request that indicates the request cannot be re-tried.
TSO Submits a TSO command in z/OS TSO only.