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Basic Teradata Query
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October 2018
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This control enables users to specify whether BTEQ output is limited to errors and request processing statistics. This may significantly decrease the amount of output and hence improve the overall response time.


Usage Notes

When the QUIET command option is set to ON, BTEQ suppresses the following:

  • Row values presented for a data-returning SQL statement. (If an export file is in progress, the results do reach the export file.)
  • ActivityCount messages. (ActivityCount messages display the number of rows affected.)

    For example:

    *** Ok, Session 31587, Request 1, Statement# 1
    *** Success, Stmt# 1 ActivityCount = 1
    *** Success, Session 31587, Request 2, Stmt# 1 ActivityCount = 1

    Mainframe BTEQ never suppresses ActivityCount messages. Workstation BTEQ suppresses ActivityCount messages only when single-session is used.

  • ActivityType messages. (ActivityType messages display how the rows were affected.)

    For example:

    *** Query completed. One row found. One column returned.
    *** Insert completed. One row added.

    BTEQ suppresses ActivityType messages if exporting in Field Mode. If not exporting in Field Mode, BTEQ suppresses ActivityType messages only when single-session is used.

    BTEQ does not suppress generation of the time-taken messages or of error messages.

If QUIET ON is used with the REPEAT or = command, BTEQ determines the reporting of time statistics by the number of sessions being run. With multiple sessions, BTEQ only reports the summary times for each cycle (start time, finish time, and total time). During a single session, BTEQ reports summary and processing times of queries executed in each cycle.

Typically, the QUIET and REPEAT commands are used together in multi-session data-load operations.

When using QUIET ON ALL, BTEQ will suppress even more output including:

  • Starting record messages that are periodically displayed during the importing of multiple rows. For example:
    *** Starting record 20000 at Tue Nov 17 18:33:09 2015
  • Growing Buffer messages that get displayed when BTEQ’s internal buffer is automatically increased to handle larger import records. For example:
    *** Growing buffer to 65473
  • Elapsed time messages, normally suppressed by the TIMEMSG NONE command. For example:
    *** Total elapsed time was 1 second.
  • ActivityCount messages as previously described. However, when the ALL option is used, these messages are always suppressed, regardless of OS platform or the number of sessions initiated.
  • ActivityType messages as previously described above. However, when the ALL option is used, these messages are always suppressed, regardless of response mode or the number of sessions initiated.

Using QUIET OFF or QUIET OFF ALL has the same effect of turning the setting completely off.

If the QUIET command is not specified, the value is OFF by default. If the command is used and ON or OFF is not specified, BTEQ sets QUIET to ON.

The QUIET command can be used in a Teradata SQL macro.

Example 1 – QUIET

To limit BTEQ to a moderate amount of output, type the following:


Example 2 – QUIET

To suppress the greatest amount of BTEQ output, type the following:


Example 3 – QUIET instigated by a macro

The Example 1 QUIET command in a Teradata SQL macro appears as follows: