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The Stored Procedure Language (SPL) compilation errors and warnings are reported by the Teradata Database as part of the SUCCESS or OK parcel in response to the COMPILE command.

All syntax and semantic errors in the stored procedure source text are reported with a non-zero warning code. The activity count is set to the total number of compilation errors and warnings.

The Teradata Database server reports SPL compilation errors and warnings, which are stored in a buffer. If the errors and warnings exceed the buffer size limit, the server returns only the errors and warnings stored in the buffer. Additional errors and warnings are not stored in the buffer or returned to the user, including, the last error or warning text, if it does not fit in the buffer. A message is displayed when too many compilation errors occur. Refer to the DBS manuals for additional details, including the current buffer capacity.

The stored procedure is not created or replaced if compilation errors are found. Instead, the stored procedure is created or replaced if compilation warnings are found, and no failures are reported.