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Before You Implement Teradata Vantageā„¢ On-Premises

Teradata Vantage
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There's plenty to do before your Vantage hardware arrives. We recommend getting started on the following now to make your Vantage implementation smoother.

Signed Security Certificates Teradata AppCenter and Platform Services require a certificate authority (CA) digital certificate based on the the domain. A CA digital certificate can take several weeks to obtain. Work with your network security or IT administrator for assistance obtaining a CA digital certificate. If you did not provide a CA digital certificate during installation, a self-signed certificate can be used. However, the browser displays a security warning.
QueryGrid and Viewpoint Talk to your Teradata team about QueryGrid and Viewpoint clustering if your Vantage installation will be on the same fabric as an existing system. You must decide about clustering before installation, because you cannot go back and change it once installation has started. If you plan to cluster QueryGrid, you must have dual- or quad-bonded NICs on every system where you may move data.
Use Cases Time spent now defining your Vantage use cases will pay off during installation. The site team can help you customize your system to fit your anticipated workloads, and more.
Education Develop a Vantage training plan so you can tap into the full power of Vantage as soon as possible. The Teradata Customer Education team offers a Premier Education Package containing over 60 hours of introductory online content, free to all Vantage users. After that, you can develop a more advanced training plan for your users with your Account Team and Customer Education.