16.10 - Opening the Clob Editor - Teradata Studio

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June 2017
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You open the Clob Editor from the Table Data Editor by selecting the row that contains the Character Large Object (CLOB) in the table. A CLOB data object can be represented in one of three ways:
  • CLOB handle - Handle to the CLOB data in the database.
  • Snippet of data - Text snippet you edit or insert in cell.
  • Filename - For data objects over 64k, name of file that contains the data. You can edit or insert data in this file. CLOB data larger than 64k cannot be edited in the Clob Editor.

To open the Clob Editor

  1. Open a table that contains a CLOB object to edit in the Table Data Editor. The table name displays in the tab at the top of the editor. You can open several tables in the editor and move between them by clicking these tabs. See Opening the Table Data Editor for more information.
  2. Select the CLOB to edit from the Character Large Objects column. Single objects are separated by rows.
  3. Click the ellipses () at the right end of the row to open the Clob Editor. See About the Clob Editor.