16.10 - Caching Aster Schemas - Teradata Studio

Teradata Studio Express User Guide

Teradata Studio
June 2017
User Guide
You can cache Aster schema and set cache properties when you create a new Connection Profile using the New Aster Connection Profile wizard. Any schemas that you select in the Schema Cache Properties dialog are cached. You can also modify Aster cache schema properties from the Data Source Explorer.
  1. Create a Connection Profile for an Aster Database.
  2. In the New Aster Connection Profile wizard select a driver and complete credentials for logging on to the Aster database server.
  3. Click Cache Properties on the first page of the wizard. The Schema Cache Properties dialog opens.
  4. [Optional] Under Cache Properties select the Cache Selected Schemas check box if you want to view all available schemas for caching.
  5. Confirm the connection to the database to get the list of schemas by clicking OK. If the credentials for the Connection Profile are valid and the connection is successful, a list of the schemas associated with the Connection Profile display in the Select Schema area.
    If the credentials are not valid, an error message displays.
  6. From the Select Schema list select one or more schema to cache by checking the box beside the schema name.
  7. Click OK.
    If objects are modified in a cached schema, you must refresh the schema cache to cause the changes to be reflected in the cache. To refresh schema cache, right-click the cached schema object in the Data Source Explorer and select Refresh Schema Cache.