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June 2017
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The Clob Editor displays the character data contained in the selected Character Large Object (CLOB) stored in a database.

You can edit the data in the CLOB by:
  • Inserting character data
  • Deleting character data
  • Clearing the character data in the object
  • Importing character data from a file
  • Exporting the character data in the object
A CLOB data object can be represented in one of three ways:
  • CLOB handle - Handle to the CLOB data in the database.
  • Snippet of data - Text snippet you edit or insert in cell.
  • Filename - For data objects over 64k, name of file that contains the data. You can edit or insert data in this file. CLOB data larger than 64k cannot be edited in the Clob Editor.

Edit Clob Value

Use the Clob Editor to modify the character data in the Character Large Object (CLOB) that you selected from a CLOB table.

Option Description
File If data is imported, shows the name of the import source file.
Editor Workarea Displays the character data in the selected object.


Use the action buttons to the right of the editor to import, export, or clear character data.

Option Description
Import Click to import character data from a file.
Export Click to export the character data displayed in the editor to a file, such as a Microsoft Word or text file.
Clear Click to remove all data displayed in the editor workarea.
OK Click to save the data to the object.