16.10 - Exporting Table Data - Teradata Studio

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June 2017
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You can export data to a file, such as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or a text file. The Table Data Editor uses the Export Data Wizard to export data from tables. You can select data to export all data in the table or only data in specific rows to export.

Exporting All Data

The Export All feature exports all data in the table.

  1. In the toolbar, click Export All.
  2. Follow steps for Export Data Wizard below.

Exporting Data in Rows

The Export feature exports only data in the table rows you select.

  1. Select the data rows you want to export. You can select multiple rows using the Ctrl key.
  2. Right-click and select Select Rows for Export. The rows are marked for export.
  3. Right-click and select Export Selected Rows.
  4. Follow steps for the Export Data Wizard below.

Exporting with Teradata Export Wizard

  1. The Export Data dialog opens. Follow these steps for both Export All and Export tasks.
  2. In Output File, type the path name of the file to which you want the data exported. You can also click Browse to locate and save the file.
  3. In File Type, select from the list the type of the output file in the previous step. For example, you can select a delimited text file, Excel, or Excel (97-2003) file.
  4. Select Column Labels in First Row to specify that you want column labels to be output in the first row of the file.
  5. Under File Options, if you selected a delimited text file as the output, complete the following:
    1. In Column Delimiter, select the column delimiter to be used in the output file to separate columns.
    2. In Character String Delimiter, select the character string delimiter to be used in the output file to indicate character strings.
  6. In File Encoding, select the encoding standard to use.
  7. Click Finish to export the data.