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June 2017
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The Table Data Editor enables you to edit data stored in tables in a Teradata or Aster database. The editor supports very large tables and provides several additional editors for large data objects such as Character Large Objects (CLOBs) and Binary Large Objects (BLOBs). It also supports an XML Data Type Editor for editing XML data. Rows of data can be grouped into pages that allow you to quickly locate table rows. Advanced filter and sort functions in the Data Filter help you to easily find data of interest.

You can edit table data either directly in the Table Data Editor or you can export data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or text file to change the data and then import it back into the table using the Load Data Wizard. Use the toolbar functions at the top of the editor to export data.

Editing data in the Table Data Editor is as simple as editing data in a spreadsheet editor. Insertion and deletion functions are similar, as well as keyboard and cursor actions.