16.10 - Selecting to Filter by Edits - Teradata Studio

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June 2017
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After you modify data in a table, you can select to view only the edited data rows. Filters are available for updated, deleted, or inserted data. This feature is useful if you've made multiple changes in a large table and want to review your changes before updating them in the database. It can also be used to group changes for export to a file, either as a record or for later review.

  1. With an edited table open in the Table Data grid, click the Filter by Edits icon in the toolbar. The Show Edits dialog opens.
  2. Select which type of edit to display by checking one or more of these options:
    1. Select the Inserts check box to display any rows with newly inserted data in the table.
    2. Select the Updates check box to display rows in which data has been added, edited, revised, or deleted.
    3. Select the Deletes check box to display rows removed from the table.
  3. Click OK. The Table Data Editor refreshes to show only table rows that match the filter options you selected.