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June 2017
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After you create schema cache files, if you refresh the list of schemas by clicking Refresh, the cached schemas are loaded from the schema cache file. Cached schema are indicated in the Data Source Explorer view with the cache icon .

If new database objects are modified in the schema while it is being loaded from the schema cache, the modified objects do not appear in the Data Source Explorer until you refresh the schema cache.

To refresh the schema cache, right-click a cached schema and select Refresh Schema Cache. This deletes the schema cache file, launches a new background job to create a new schema cache file, and refreshes the list of schemas. You can also refresh the schema cache by deleting the schema cache files using the Aster Database Connection Properties Delete Cache Files option and then reconnecting the Connection Profile. The Data Source Explorer now shows the changes to the database objects. A subsequent refresh of the Schemas folder loads the schema from the schema cache file.