16.10 - Editing Column Data Types (Teradata, Aster) - Teradata Studio

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June 2017
User Guide
You can edit the data type for a table column prior to importing data in the Smart Load Wizard. The exact menu options vary depending on the table type and the column type.

  1. On the Data Types page, click the ellipsis next to the data type to change.
  2. In Type select the data type for the column you are editing. The remaining options vary depending on the data type.
  3. Select Can contain nulls if the data in the column can include null values. This action de-selects Values must be unique if it is selected.
  4. Select Values must be unique if the data in the column must be unique values. This action clears Can contain nulls.
  5. If you selected SMALLINT as the data type, you can select Distribute by Hash if you want specify a distribution key column. Using Distribute by Hash with a distribution key is mandatory for fact tables and optional for dimension tables. Joins involving columns that are part of a distribution key constraint will be optimized.
  6. Click OK.