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June 2017
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You can add JDBC connection properties when you create a new Connection Profile. You can edit those properties at any time by right-clicking the Connection Profile and selecting Properties.

To add a JDBC property, select the JDBC property you want to add and then select the property value. To manually enter a JDBC property, select the JDBC property named USER_ENTERED_PROPERTY. In the New JDBC Property dialog, enter a user-defined property name and value, and click OK.

JDBC Properties

Option Description
Select JDBC Property Select a property from the list. If you select USDER_ENTERED_PROPERTY, the New JDBC Property dialog displays in which you can type a new user-defined property name and value. When you click OK, the property name and value you define displays in the Select Property Value field in the format property_name = property_value.
Select Property Value Select a JDBC property value from the list. Names must not exceed the 30 character limit. If no values are displayed in the list, you can select USER_ENTERED_PROPERTY in the Select JDBC Property field and create a user-defined name/value property pair in the New JDBC Property dialog.