16.10 - Schema Cache Properties - Teradata Studio

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June 2017
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The Schema Cache Properties dialog enables you to select Aster schemas that you want cached.

Cache Properties Options

The following options require a valid set of credentials for connecting to the selected Aster schemas. You provide credentials when you create a Connection Profile, and they are saved in the Connection definition.

Option Description
Cache Selected Schemas Opens a dialog that confirms you want to proceed with creating a connection to collect a list of schemas.
Select Schema Lists the schemas associated with the Connection Profile display in this text area if the credentials for the Connection Profile are valid and the connection is successful.
If the credentials are not valid, an error message displays. To test your connection, close the Schema Cache Properties dialog by clicking Close, and click Test Connection.
If objects are modified in a cached schema, you must refresh the schema cache to cause the changes to be reflected in the cache. To refresh schema cache, right-click the cached schema object in the Data Source Explorer and select Refresh Schema Cache.