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June 2017
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The Load Data Wizard enables you to load data from an input file into a table using a combination of WebHDFS and JDBC. The input file must be a delimited text file. If the table is not empty, the Load Data Wizard appends or replaces the existing data.

The Load Data Wizard for Hadoop contains the following elements:

Option Description
Input File Specify the path and name of the file from which to import data and to specify the server path to its location in the file system. To locate an existing file, click Browse and navigate the file system to select a file.
File Type File type is Delimited Text. This cannot be changed.
Delimiter The delimiter corresponds to the delimiter of the Hadoop table you are importing.
Table File Format The table file format corresponds to the table file format of the Hadoop table you are importing.
Replace Existing Data If the table is not empty, check this option to replace the existing data. Leaving it cleared appends the loaded data to the existing data. If the table is empty, this option is grayed out.
Line Separator Specify the line separator used in the file you are importing. .
File Encoding Specify the type of encoding to used for the file.

Data contained in the external file displays at the bottom of the wizard screen. Table data includes column name, column data type, and values in table rows.

When you click Finish, a file transfer job is launched in the Transfer Progress View view. When the transfer is complete, it is displayed in the Transfer History View.