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June 2017
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The Transfer History Filter dialog enables you to filter rows in the transfer history view. Only rows meeting the filter criterion are displayed.

New data transfers appear regardless of whether or not they meet the filter criterion.
There are three types of filter criterion:
  • LIKE, where '_' matches a single character, '%' matches 0 or more characters, like using abc% to filter values that start with 'abc'
  • EQUALS (=), which is equals match
  • Less than, equal, greater than(<, =, >), which is a less than, equals, or greater than match
  • Selection, which is a list selection match.
The dialog contains the following elements:
Element Description
Name Filters on the Name column. This is a "LIKE" filter.
Timestamp Filters on the Date portion of the Timestamp column. There are two options. If "day's" is selected, the indicated number of days history is displayed. "1" indicates the current day, "2" indicates today and the day before. If the "day's" check box is cleared, choose the operation, "<, =, >" and choose the date.
Source Filters on the Source column. This is a "LIKE" filter.
Destination Filters on the Destination column. This is a "LIKE" filter.
Status Filters on the Status column. Choose from the selection list Completed, Canceled, or Failed.
Duration Filters on the Duration column. This is a less than, equal, greater than filter.
Rows Transferred Filters on the Rows Transferred column. This is a less than, equal, greater than filter.
Note Filters on the Note column. This is a "LIKE" filter.
Summary Filters on the Summary column. This is a "LIKE" filter.