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June 2017
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The Data Lab View provides access to your tables from a Teradata Data Lab. It is a tree view that displays the hierarchy of Data Lab groups with child Data Labs. In the hierarchy, a Data Lab has tables as children. From the view you can copy, load, and export data into Data Labs. The Data Lab View also allows you to create tables derived from external file data using the Smart Load Wizard.

Teradata Connection Profile
Provides access to a list of Connection Profiles. You must connect to the profile before you can select it in the list. The Teradata Database version displays beside the selected profile name.
Data Lab Groups
Lab groups allocate space for data labs and can be organized to fit your objectives for the labs, such as by individual, function, department, or region. Groups display as a hierarchy with child data labs in expandable views below parent groups.
Tables Accessible from Data Lab
Tables display as child data labs of a data lab group.