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June 2017
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Modify preferences by selecting Window > Preferences.

In the Preferences window, you can filter the information or navigate to the preference. Changes to preferences are stored within your workspace.

Data Management Preferences

Preference Description
Connectivity Configures the connectivity Driver Definitions by adding, editing, removing, or copying driver definitions
Label Decorations Specifies the display format for columns in the Data Source Explorer
SQL Development
Option Description
General Specifies settings for database development
SQL Editor Offers options for the SQL Editor for code assist, connection behavior for SQL files, syntax colors, and SQL templates
SQL Query Builder Omits the current database/schema from the generated SQL statements of the SQL Query Builder
SQL Results View Options Offers options for displaying the results of SQL statements

General Preferences

Preference Description
Appearance Customizes the display appearance by offering options for theme, color, font, and label preferences
Compare/Patch Customizes the display when comparing text files
Content Types Enables you to associate editors with file types
Editors Customizes editor behaviors and functions and adds or removes the editors and file types available in the Content Types preferences
Globalization Customizes global settings for Unicode and text/graphic support
Keys Customizes the keyboard bindings
Workspace Changes the text file encoding for the workspace

Help Preferences

Preference Description
Content Customizes the display of the help screens as well as configuring remote help content.

Teradata Datatools Preferences

Preference Description
Teradata Datatools Sets query and size preferences for all Teradata datatools
Connection Options Sets connection preferences for connection profiles. Preferences include maximum connections per profile. For Teradata connections, queryband options allow you to specify user and metadata queryband settings, as well as FastLoad/export options. In addition, you can specify default JDBC Connection Properties for Teradata and Aster connections.
Data Source Explorer Load Sets preferences in the Data Source Explorer for display of database and user object hierarchy and for load settings that determine which databases and user objects to load
Data Utilities Specifies the root directory location and thresholds for disk cache and maximum rows allowed for COMMIT transactions
Dependencies Sets preferences for accessing the Meta Data Services web service
Export Sets the preference to launch a native editor and customizes export options. Select Write SQL and Result Status to the Export File to include the SQL and result status when exporting.
History Sets the exclude options for the History database, maximum number of rows to display, and which columns to show in the SQL History View
Logging Specifies your preferences for logging messages
New Profile Connection Types Sets which types of connection profiles to show as options in the New Connection Profile dialog
Result Set Viewer Sets preferences for Teradata Result Set Viewer.
SQL Formatter Sets preference options for the SQL Formatter.
SQL Handling Sets handling preferences for SQL result sets and options for drag-and-drop and auto-connect functions. You can also specify the LOB sizes for handling large values for Teradata and Aster, and customize success and failure notification as sounds during SQL execution.
Table Data Editor Sets preferences for selection color options, filter thresholds, and editor display and copy/paste options.