16.10 - Filtering with Data Filter - Teradata Studio

Teradata Studio Express User Guide

Teradata Studio
June 2017
User Guide

Use the Data Filter feature to set filter rules that reduce the number of rows loaded into the Table Data Editor.

  1. From the Table Data Editor, click Data Filter icon.
  2. In Filter, select a filter operator from the list and type a valid value or character string. For example, if values in Column2 are type VARCHAR, and you filter to display only rows LIKE product2, the Table Data grid refreshes to show all rows with the value product2 in the data string.
  3. [Optional] If you want to clear all rules and set new filters, click Clear All.
  4. Click OK to show filter results based on your filter rules.
    The SYSUDTLIB database always shows in the filtered list.
  5. When asked to confirm, click OK.
    If you want to redo the filter results, click Revert in the toolbar, change the filter rules in the Data Filter, and then click OK. You can repeat these steps as often as you like.