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June 2017
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The CLOB Disposition form appears in the LOB Disposition Dialog when the results contain columns with large character values. The form contains the following fields:
Field Description
Column Name View the name of the column in the results. This field can not be modified.
Save to File Saves the values of the column. When this check box is cleared, the fields for specifying the name and location of files are unavailable.
Location Type the name of the folder where the files are to be saved.
Browse Click to browse for the folder to be the Location value.
File Base Name Base name to give to the files created for the large objects. The final name consists of the base name, the number of the row in the results that contains the value and the File Extension.
File Extension File extension to give to the files created for the large objects.
File Encoding Name of the encoding to use when the character values are written to the files.