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June 2017
User Guide
The SQL History toolbar contains icons and menus to help you manage the SQL History view and display of history records. Actions such as Delete Rows and Delete All History, in addition to removing records from the view, delete the records in the SQL history database.


Click toolbar icons to perform tasks. You also can access actions from the menu drop-down ( ) at the right-end of the toolbar.

Option Icon Label Description
Delete Row Deletes selected rows from the view and SQL history database.
Filter Opens the History Filter dialog to select criteria for filtering data in the view.
Clear Filter Resets filter by removing filter criteria and showing all history entries in the view.
Export History Displays the Export History dialog to export SQL history records to an XML file.
Import History Opens the Import History dialog to import SQL history entries from an exported XML history file or SQL Assistant history file.
Cleanup History Opens the Cleanup History dialog to clean up SQL history records using the criteria you specify.
Sort Opens the Sort dialog to choose which columns you want sorted.

Use the Minimize and Maximize icons at the far right to resize the SQL History view.