16.20 - Sessionize Syntax Elements - Teradata Database - Teradata Vantage NewSQL Engine

Teradata Vantage™ - NewSQL Engine Analytic Functions

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Teradata Vantage NewSQL Engine
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July 2019
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Programming Reference
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Specify the name of the input column that contains the click times.
The time_column must also be an order_column.
Specify the number of seconds at which the session times out. If session_timeout seconds elapse after a click, the next click starts a new session. The data type of session_timeout is DOUBLE PRECISION.
[Optional] Specify the minimum number of seconds between clicks for the session user to be considered human. If clicks are more frequent, indicating that the user is a bot, the function ignores the session. The min_human_click_lag must be less than session_timout. The data type of min_human_click_lag is DOUBLE PRECISION.
Default behavior: The function ignores no session, regardless of click frequency.
[Optional] Specify whether to output rows that have NULL values in their session id and rapid fire columns, even if their time_column has a NULL value.
Default: 'false'