16.20 - Writing the JobVariablesFile - Teradata Database - Teradata Vantage NewSQL Engine

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July 2019
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Programming Reference
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  • Write the JobVariablesFile by substituting values for variables in the following script:
    DDLTdpId               = 'td_host_name_or_ip'
    ,DDLUserName           = 'td_user'
    ,DDLUserPassword       = 'td_user_password'
    ,DDLErrorList          = ['3807']
    ,DDLPrivateLogName     = 'DDL001S1'
    ,TargetTable           = 'td_table_name'
    ,ODBCPrivateLogName    = 'ODB039P1'
    ,ODBCDSNName           = 'Data_Source_Name_specified_in_DSN_Setup_form'
    ,TruncateData          = {'Y' | 'N'}
    ,ODBCUserName          = 'aster_user'
    ,ODBCUserPassword      = 'aster_user_password'
    ,LOADPrivateLogName    = 'ODB039C1'
    ,LOADTDPID             = 'td_host_name_or_ip'
    ,LOADUserName          = 'td_user'
    ,LOADUserPassword      = 'td_user_password'
    ,SelectStmt            = 'SELECT * FROM aster_table_name;'
    ,LOADTargetTable       = 'td_table_name'
    For TruncateData, 'Y' trims unused space. The default is 'N'. Specify 'Y' when the MaxLenVarchar field of the DSN Setup form (in Setting Up the Aster Driver on the Client) exceeds the maximum VARCHAR length specified in TD_compatible_table_definition in the tpt script; otherwise, ODBC cannot load the script.