5.12.1 - 5.13 - Command-Line Interface Overview - Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop

Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop for Teradata Administrator Guide

Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop
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November 2017
English (United States)
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Hadoop Command-Line Interface (hcli) is compatible with the Teradata installation of Cloudera Hadoop. hcli is included in the teradata-hadoop-tools package and is installed in the /opt/teradata/hadoop-tools directory.

Administrative tasks are performed with hcli. hcli is functional even if the Hadoop cluster is down.

hcli Command Syntax

The following table lists annotations used to describe command syntax.

Object Description How used
| Vertical bars Separates alternative, mutually exclusive elements
[ ] Square brackets Indicates optional elements
bold Boldface type Indicates typed exactly as shown
italics Italics type Indicates elements for which you supply the values
{ } Curly braces Indicates grouped parameters

hcli Global Options

The following global options are available for hcli before each command:
Option Description
--yes Answers yes to all prompts, useful for running commands from a script
--no Answers no to all prompts
--verbose Provides detailed output. By default, only informational, warning, and error messages are output to console
--quiet Provides only error message output
--debug Provides detailed output for debugging purposes
--nolog Provides no output to debugging logs. Use only with the support command to avoid recording passwords in log files.