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There is at least one view for each DBQL table. These views are created in database DBC during installation by the DIP utility scripts DIPVIEWSV and DIPJSON (for JSON views). For details, see “Database Initialization Program (DIP)” in Teradata Vantage™ - Database Utilities , B035-1102 .

Dictionary Object Purpose
DBQLRules[V] Displays the current rules in DBC.DBQLRuleTbl (to a user with DBC or SystemFE privileges).
QryLockLogXML[V] Accesses the DBQLXMLLockTbl.
QryLogExplainDoc[V] Accesses the DBQLExplainTbl and provides a single, readable document per query.
QryLogExplain[V] Accesses the DBQLExplainTbl.
QryLogFeatureListV Accesses the FeatureNames table function, SYSLIB.FeatureNames_TBF().
QryLogFeatureUseCountV Accesses the FeatureUsage column of DBQLogTbl and the QryLogFeatureList view.
QryLogFeatureUseJSON Accesses the FeatureUsage column of DBQLogTbl and, in a JSON document, lists the features used by a particular request.
QryLogObjects[V] Accesses DBQLObjTbl, and logs one row for each time an object is referenced by a query.
QryLogParamV Accesses the parameterized query log table, DBQLParamTbl.
QryLogParamJSON Accesses the parameterized query log table, DBQLParamTbl, in JSON format.
QryLogSQLDoc[V] Accesses the DBQLSQLTbl and combines multiple rows of SQL text information with the same queryid into one document.
QryLogSQL[V] Accesses the DBQLSQLTbl.
QryLogSteps[V] Accesses the DBQLStepTbl.
QryLogSummary[V] Accesses the DBQLSummaryTbl.
QryLogTDWM[V] The Teradata Dynamic Workload Management view of the default log table, DBQLogTbl.
QryLog[V] Accesses the DBQLogTbl and contains the default DBQL information for a query
QryLogUtilityV Accesses the DBQLUtilityTbl.
QryLogXMLDocV Accesses the DBQLXMLTbl. Teradata recommends using this view instead of QryLogXML[V] to make sure your applications remain compatible with future enhancements.
QryLogXML[V] Accesses the DBQLXMLTbl.

The DBQL views are predefined for ease of use. However, database administrators can create their own customized views by taking data from one or more DBQL tables and displaying the information in the format they need.

For greater details about the DBQL views, see Views Reference in Teradata Vantage™ Data Dictionary, B035-1092.