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October 2021
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Data Mover provides the ability to enable CLI tracing or TPT tracing at job level. Enabling CLI or TPT trace logging is not recommended unless needed; once enabled, all jobs begin generating extra trace logs.

Define the following elements in the job XML after the query_band element:

Usage Notes

  • When cli_trace_log elements are provided, CLI trace logs are enabled regardless of being a TPT job.
  • Values greater than or equal to 0 for netrace and netrace_buf_len elements trigger CLI logs to generate. Must be valid netrace and netrace_buf_len values for CLI, Data Mover does not validate these values.
  • When tptapi_debug is provided, the TPT trace log is enabled for TPT jobs; this setting does not affect non-TPT jobs. Must be a valid tptapi_debug value for Teradata PT API, Data Mover does not validate this value.
  • Values greater than or equal to 0 for the tptapi_debug element triggers TPTAPI trace logs for TPT jobs.
  • Values less than 0 for these elements does not trigger trace logs to generate.
  • Both CLI and TPT trace logs are generated in the temp task directory and remain there if the job log level is 99 or the job fails; otherwise, the logs and task directory are removed after the job completes.