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Although DSA does not automatically copy triggers from the source when copying entire databases, you can specify triggers for an associated table in the target.

The following results in an error when copying triggers:
  • The source table associated with the trigger is excluded from the tables to be copied
  • The table associated with the trigger is renamed or relocated on the target
  • You do not use AFTER as the value of the action_time tag.
  1. Open the parameters.xml file that has the job definition information for the job.
  2. Create a triggers section.
  3. Add the selection="included" attribute to a trigger element in the section.
  4. Specify the names for the database and subject_table_database elements.
  5. Specify the table name in the table element.
  6. Specify the trigger name in the name element.
  7. Use the action_time enabled="YES" tag to indicate when the trigger occurs.
In the following example, the trigger DBName.RaiseTrig is copied to the target.
<database selection="included">
			<trigger selection="included">
				<action_time enabled="YES">AFTER</action_time>