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October 2021
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Data Mover has an internal repository that stores job data from previously run jobs. The purge service is enabled by default and jobs are deleted every 60 days. You can adjust this setting and designate cleanup based on the following:
  • Age of data
  • Percent of the repository is full
  • Both age and percent full
A daily cleanup check is performed at the time you specify; and if the age or space threshold is reached, the excess data is deleted from the repository. By default, Data Mover does not delete data that is newer than 5 days.

PostgreSQL allows all the memory available on the machine to be used as data storage, however, Data Mover considers the repository to be full at 100GB. Therefore, when using purge-by-percentage, the system compares the space used against the Data Mover maximum limit of 100GB.

  1. Run datamove list_configuration to view the current Data Mover configuration settings.
  2. Edit the following settings in the output configuration.xml:
    Setting Description
    repository.purge.enabled Set to TRUE to delete the job history.
    repository.purge.definition.enabled Set to TRUE to delete job history and job definitions.
    repository.purge.history.unit Set to days, weeks, months, or years to delete job history based on age.
    repository.purge.history.unitcount Set to number of days, weeks, months, or years to keep job history based on age. Job history older than this value is deleted. Set to -1 to disable delete by age.
    repository.purge.percent Enter a percentage of permanent space to keep available in the repository. Set to -1 to disable delete by percent.
  3. Run datamove save_configuration -f configuration.xml to save configuration.