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October 2021
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User Guide
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The utility scans the local Data Mover host and checks for any issues within the system. The output includes a table that lists the version and status of the components checked, how the components were checked, and the result of the checks. If an issue is found, the table provides a description of the problem and offers a solution.

The utility only checks the local host. If multiple hosts exist in the Data Mover cluster, the utility must be run on each host.

The health check utility has the following requirements:
  • Data Mover versions 15.11 and later.
  • Session window size must be greater than 10 characters.
  • Bash scripting must be available on the system.
  • You must log on as root or have root privileges.

The utility uses BTEQ. Although not required to run the health check script, when BTEQ is not installed, the repository is not checked.