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When you select an object in the object browser, you can use a dialog box associated with it to designate optional copy settings. The specific copy settings available depend on the type of object you select.

The settings you can designate include:
  • An alternative location on the target to which you want to map the object. For example, you can copy a user or database from the source system to a different database in the target system.
  • A staging database. For example, if the target database does not have enough space, specifying a staging database creates the tables in the staging database instead of in the target database.
  • A separate staging database for temporary artifacts. For example, if you are copying a table, you might want to designate that any macros or work, log, or error tables be copied to a staging database other than that where the staging table is held.
  • Whether data, statistics, or both should be copied.
  • Key columns, and whether to validate row count for a table.
  • Whether to compare the DDL of source and target table before copying.
  • Staging to target mechanism.
  • Spooling, if the Teradata PT API utility is used.
  • Whether to override lock access if the Teradata PT API or JDBC utilities are used.
  • Whether and when to activate a trigger.