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October 2021
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When a saved job is executed, Data Mover performs a sequence of steps that includes verification of source and target environments.

Users who frequently run a job that does not need such verification may set the freeze_job_steps parameter to true to prevent job steps from being recreated each time the job is run.

If the freeze_job_steps parameter is true and the job target object status changes from non-exists to exists or from empty to non-empty, Data Mover recreates the job steps for only table and view objects. No rebuild is performed when using DSA.

If any changes occur in the source or target environments for the job, run the update_job_steps command to refresh the job steps.

  1. At the Data Mover command line prompt, type datamove update_job_steps -job_name followed by the job name.
    The job steps for the job you specified are updated without executing the job.