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October 2021
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To make sure that the source and target data are in sync for DELTA executions during incremental copy, DSA sets the target table to read-only after incremental FULL execution, also known as the incremental restore state.

User is not allowed to change target table data, including adding join or hash indexes, which results in Operation not allowed: table is in Incremental Restore (read-only) state.

  • If target system must be promoted during an emergency, such as a DR system standing in for a PROD system, user can set GDO 555IgnoreIncrementalRestoreState to true to make the entire system write enabled
  • If user only wants to make the target tables in an incremental job write enabled, user can start the job with parameter -ir_allow_write set to "true": datamove start -job_name my_ir_job -ir_allow_write true
  • Invoke a SQL statement to allow write for the read-only object:

    The syntax is:


    |--<Databasename> --|

    |--<Databasename.TableName> --| ;