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October 2021
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Password information is scrambled before being sent over the network and stored in the Data Mover database. To provide a greater level of security, you can also use the encrypt_password command.

The encrypt_password command creates an encrypted password from a password entered as a parameter on the command line, interactively, or through an XML file with a specific format. The generated password can then be used as a value for -source_password_encrypted or -target_password_encrypted when using the create and move commands.

  1. Type datamove encrypt_password in the command line, and do one of the following:
    Option Description
    Enter a password interactively
    • Press Enter to be prompted to enter a password interactively.
    • Type the password you want to encrypt. Your input is masked with a set of asterisks.
    Enter the password directly
    • Type -password followed by the password you want to encrypt.
    Enter the password by passing in an XML file
    • Type -f followed by the name of the XML that passes in parameters for this command.
  2. Press Enter to write the encrypted password to standard output, or type -dir directory path -filename XML file name where XML file name is a specified directory path and file name.