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October 2021
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When you create a job in the Data Mover portlet, you select the source and target databases to use and specify the source database objects to copy. In addition, the portlet provides numerous settings to refine the job definition and to control performance, logging, and other factors. You may want to consider the following when planning a job:
  • Favorite Systems: You can provide the logon information for target and source systems you use often and have the settings used as defaults, so that you do not need to enter the information each time you create a job.
  • Object copy settings: Depending on the type of object type you are copying, there are various copy settings you can designate, such as a staging database to use if the target does not have enough space, the key columns for a table, whether to compare DDL before copying, and whether to override lock access.
  • Job settings: There are default settings that are applied upon job creation, but you can change the defaults for a number of parameters, including job priority, logging level, job permissions, event table logging, and overwrite behavior if the objects already exist on the target.