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October 2021
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Elapsed time, row count, and byte count is reported for each Data Mover job that is run. If Teradata Ecosystem Manager is not available, view this information using the event table. Row count is available only at the end of the job, but byte count is reported periodically as the job runs. The frequency in which the byte count is reported is controlled with the tmsm.frequency.bytes configuration parameter, which can be modified using the command-line interface's list_configuration and save_configuration commands.
  • When Teradata JDBC is used to copy table data, only the byte count of large object (LOB) column data is reported. If the table does not contain any LOB columns, no byte count is reported. If a table contains LOB columns and non-LOB columns, the byte count reported for that table reflects only the byte count of the LOB column data copied.
  • Setting the tmsm.frequency.bytes parameter to a small number can lead to performance degradation due to the increase in status reports.