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October 2021
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Job fails to run if any source object which is used to create this job does not exist at run time. Ignore missing source objects feature allows job execution to not fail because of missing source objects. This feature has the following restrictions:
  • All source objects must still exist when creating a new job or editing an existing job. This restriction applies to the create, move, and edit commands.
  • All source objects must still exist when using the parameterized start command with save_changes option.
  • Feature does not apply to objects within a database that is being copied in a full database copy. Missing source objects in that scenario are ignored regardless of this setting.
  • Feature does not apply to jobs using the frozen job steps option. Jobs using frozen job steps option fails even if source object is missing. Use the edit command to remove the missing source objects from the job in this scenario.
  • All source objects must exist when running the update job steps command to update a job using frozen job steps.
To enable this feature, change the following property value to "TRUE" in configuration.xml
<property> <key>ignore.missing.source.objects</key> <value>TRUE</value> <description>
Purpose: Defines whether to fail a Non Frozen job if any source object is missing. This property only applies to Non Frozen jobs and missed objects are not part of entire databases move. Default value is false to preserve existing behavior.
</description> </property>