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October 2021
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Data Mover supports copying tables between Teradata systems using the QueryGrid 2.x T2T utility.


  • The following data types are not supported by T2T: Dataset with CSV storage. For more information on Teradata connector limitations, refer to Teradata® QueryGrid™ Installation and User Guide, B035-5991.
  • By default, Data Mover allows five concurrent T2T tasks running on one system. This value applies to both the source and target systems. The default value can be modified using the configuration.xml file; however, allowing too many T2T tasks to run at the same time causes source and system resource issues.
  • The QueryGrid Teradata-to-Teradata connection allows a maximum of 2048 table columns to transfer, row size must be less than 64k.
  • Transaction semantics are not supported between systems using T2T.

Known Issues

  • A T2T job cannot be stopped while performing a task. Tasks run until completion and the cleanup command does not end these tasks. If more than 20 T2T tasks are running concurrently on the same system, including T2T queries not initiated by Data Mover, system resources are affected.
  • Data Mover T2T jobs fail with the following error, even though QueryGrid is set up properly on both the source and target systems:
    Error: T2T cannot be used to move data. 
    Reason: Cannot use T2T when QueryGrid is not installed either on source or target system.
    Data Mover validation fails if the databaseQueryService.useBaseViewsOnly property is set to false and the Teradata users provided for the job do not have access to QueryGrid functions.
    Version Solution
    QueryGrid 2.x Verify that the Teradata source user has SELECT access to the TD_SYSFNLIB.QGINITIATOREXPORT function and that the target user has SELECT access to the TD_SYSFNLIB.QGINITIATORIMPORT function.