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October 2021
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For information on RESTful API setttings type, see, SettingsType

New parameter:

Name Description JSON Data Type Required
enableIncrementalRestore Enable for incremental copy String: TRUE, FALSE, UNSPECIFIED No

For information on DSA settings type, see, DSASettingsType

New parameter:

Name JASON Data Type Required
irAllowWrite String: TRUE, FALSE, UNSPECIFIED No
irExecutionType String: FULL, UNSPECIFIED No

For example on Teradata to Teradata REST example for sample job JASON, see,Teradata to Teradata REST Example

Following is a JSON snippet showing new IR settings:

        "priority": "MEDIUM",
        "overwriteExistingObjects": "true",
        "freezeJobSteps": "false",
        "targetDatabase": "targetDatabaseJobLevel",
        "compareDDL": "true",
        "logLevel": "99",
        "map" : "mapname1",
        "enableIncrementalRestore": "FALSE",
            "forceUtility": "DSA",         
            "onlineArchive": "false"
          "parallelBuilds": 5,
          "irAllowWrite": "UNSPECIFIED",
          "irExecutionType": "UNSPECIFIED"