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October 2021
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User Guide
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The Job History view in the Data Mover portlet enables you to select a daemon and display a list of all instances of jobs that have been run. You can view the status of and delete job instances.

The Job History view, displaying for the selected daemon the jobs that have run and their status, and a menu of other job actions including Delete.

Job Status Filter Bar
Provides a count of the jobs in each of the statuses. Click a number to display the jobs by job status, or select additional statuses from the list.
Shows only rows that match your filter criteria. Filter criteria include the job name defined when the job was created, as well as the job starting or ending timestamps that Data Mover adds when running a job.
Job History Summary Table
Lists a summary of the job name, job status, and the start and end times for each job instance.
Job Actions
Provides a "" list of actions available for each job. You can select a job and view its status or delete it.
Table Actions
Enables you to configure the columns that display and to clear the filters applied to the table. Also provides options that enable you to change permissions and update job steps for multiple jobs.