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October 2021
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You can prevent one or more Teradata Database systems from being a target system for a Data Mover job. This option ensures data is not copied to an unintended target system when running a job.

The systems may be specified either by their TDPID hostnames or their IP addresses, but must be consistent with your system specification in any Data Mover commands. For example, if you specify systems by using their IP addresses for Data Mover commands, you must specify non-target systems by their IP addresses.

  1. Run the list_configuration command to generate configuration.xml.
  2. Open configuration.xml for editing.
  3. For the key under the property element, set the value element to true.
    The default value for this key is false.
  4. Add the systemList element under value.
  5. For each non-target system, add a targetSystem element and enter the hostname TDPID or IP address of the system.
  6. Close the entry with the /targetSystem element.
  7. Save configuration.xml and run the save_configuration command to update the daemon with the new list of non-target systems.
In the following example configuration.xml, the Teradata Database systems with TDPID hostnames PROD2 and PROD3 cannot be used as target systems.