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October 2021
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You can exclude a table when replacing a database by specifying the table name. Excluding a table that exists on the target does not remove the existing target table.

If the EXCLUDE TABLE clause is too long for the SQL buffer, an error occurs. The buffer length limit depends on how much data already exists in the SQL buffer. If an error occurs, modify the EXCLUDE TABLE list by reducing its size before resubmitting the job. Another workaround is to select all the tables instead of selecting a full database copy, so the exclude clause is not included.

  1. Set <replaceDatabase="true"> to replace the specified database.
  2. Set <table selection="excluded"> and then specify the table name.
In the following example the target database is replaced with the source database but the Customers table is not copied to the target.
If the Customers table already exists on the target, excluding it in the XML as shown below does not remove it from the target.
<database selection="included" replaceDatabase="true">
     <table selection="excluded">